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A brief history of our business

Like you, we love to travel and enjoy the summertime. It is crucial for us to feel friendly and familiar in the accommodation we stay in every time. With this philosophy, we created Fernando. Hospitable and warm spaces, with modern comforts, coexist harmoniously with tradition. 

The name of the business is not randomly picked. It is the first name of the owner, Fernando Christakis. The Christakis family, who runs  «Fernandos» at Orfani beach of Kavalla, started its tourism industry activity by establishing this business back 1992.  The business pasted to the family’s children, but if you met  Greeks before you know that the parents and initial administrators are always around just to be sure that everything is running smoothly.

The family-oriented business completed 20 years of family tradition in hospitality and Considering the new tourism trends radical changes and renovations were required. Those adjustments were completed in 2017, and we are now ready to host you and your family.

Our competitive advantage is the “non-existent” distance from the sea and the natural landscape. Those allow us to offer peaceful holidays away from the buzz of the city. Of course, the lovers of adventure and nightlife will not be left out.

In a short distance from our rooms, the night action is ready to wrap in its nets those who are prepared to surrender.

If you decide to visit us, you will find yourself surrounded by flowers and Mediterranean vegetation with pine, olive and other fruit trees.

We offer quiet, clean accommodation in a friendly atmosphere. All the rooms have a private balcony, views to the garden, and equipped with the essential equipment you will need in your short stay.

Welcome home!


Family Room “Type Two”


45 Square metres

Nice family room on the first floor, with two bedrooms suitable for a maximum of 5 people




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