Fernando “Rooms to let” reformed the cleaning rules and practices applied so far by introducing new methods and prevention measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19  and its mutations.

We protect the health of our guests and give particular importance to small details. Due to the pandemic situation, the legislation and the guidelines which arrange the way we operate have changed. The general idea of the changes is presented as follow:  

  1. Placing  antiseptics or hand disinfectants to all common areas, in prominent places
  2. Continuous cleaning and disinfection of common areas
  3. Use of face mask, gloves, and disposable suit by the housekeeping staff.
  4. Introduction of new cleaning tools ( steam cleaners, certified disinfectants, etc.) and different method in cleaning the internal spaces
  5. Disinfection of all everyday objects  of germs (handles, remote controls, switches, etc.)
  6. Disinfection of the room linens at 90 Celsius degrees( we used to do it, and we declare that we continue to do so)
  7. Change of check-in time on 15:00 and check out time on 11:00 am. This change ensures that the disinfectants act as designed and provide time to be neutral for the next guest.
  8. Kitchenettes (pots, pans, plates, etc.) will not be available for safety measures. On that matter, please advise the “frequently asked” section of our website for more info

Our part for your protection is reviewed and adjusted continuously. Please keep your obligations to protect your selves, your family and the other guests of our business.

  • You will find additional regulations and guidelines in our footer section link (Greek law) in Greek and English

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