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Contact info

Fernandos Rooms to let, Orfani Beach Kavala.Postal Code 64008


Notes on Prices

Our prices include taxes (Greek national VAT(13%) & Municipal tax (0.2%).

Other payments:

Local City- tax (municipality tax) – Overnight Stay tax. (0.5 euro)

The customers are called to pay 0.5 euro for each night of stay, which is not included in the room price.

Advance payments and final payment




In case of reserving fewer than 4 nights, the advance amount is the total amount of the stay.

In case of reserving more than 5 nights, the advance amount is 50% of the total stay.


Any Confirmation fact Is considered as invalid if an advance deposit hasn’t been completed.

Final Payment

In case that a reservation is not fully prepaid, the rest of the amount is paid on the arrival day during checking in.

Cancellations – Cancellation Policy :

Our prices are non-refundable. This means that the customer should be sure about the reservation before completing it.

  1. In any case, the advance payment is over kept as a cancellation fee
  2. Early departure: In case of an early departure, the customer is charged with the total amount of the stay.
  3. In the case of client’s non-appearance on the arrival date will be charged with 100 % of the total amount.

Advance-Deposits regard the dates and the room type that was initially reserved.

In case of cancellation, the advance amount cannot be transferred to future reservations or to another customer’s bill.

The reservation desk will try to fulfil any requests that consider booking changes. Booking change requests have to be announced before the arrival date. Suppose such change requests are associated with prolongation of stay, or increased number of people in the reservation or additional services. In that case, the business will charge only the price difference, if that’s possible depending on the room type booked.

Please note that:

  • Due to the enterprise’s small capacity, customers are obligated to communicate with the reservation desk before any change.
  • When special offers are available, the applicable prices are the ones that are shown to the table of values ​​, and they are valid at the time of booking. Our prices are published in the pricing table. The business has no responsibility for published prices on other websites. The business reserves the right to change published prices without prior notice.

Policy on children staying with parents :

There is no extra charge for children up to 3 years old sharing the same bed with their parents.

In case the customer needs to use the rollaway bed, the price is 5 euro per night. 

For children older than three years old costs 5 euro per night 

Portable baby beds – rollaway bed use

  • Portable baby beds are charged 5 euro per night and are provided upon reservation. 


Please be aware that not every type of room is suitable for hosting a baby bed.

Contact us for more details.


Checkin and check out 


Check-in time: after 14:00

Check out time: until 11:00

Late check-out policy:

You can leave after 11:00 after consultation with the reception. The cost of delayed departure is the half  “door price”.

Before check out, the business has the right to check the room for any damage or missing equipment. Costumers are obligated to wait in the reception area during a room check.

Other disclosures :

  • The guests can check-in, at any time, day or night, after contacting reception.
  • Pets are not allowed. 
  • Given that our reservations are not refundable, the overnight stay tax may be requested in advance.
  • Laundry and ironing service is charged by a fixed charge of 7 euro per load. 
  • There is parking in the spot, and it free

Payment Methods:

Cash, Credit card, Bank transfer, Link payment through Viva Payments

Important Note

The customers have to keep the official commercial receipt or invoice at least till their check out.

The public and shared places of the business are controlled by a CCTV system.

The administration

Stavroula Christaki

Download Document


If you want to download and print the document press the button above 

Frequently Asked Questions

General information

Where can I get info about reservation, payments and cancellation policy?

You can find such info in our website in the tab policies. You are always welcome to contact us about any clarifications

Is your business open all year?

The business is open from the middle of May to the end of September.

I’ve booked multiple rooms. Can they be the one next to the other?

There are two buildings. The room types are “mixed” in them. We can guarantee that. For more info, please contact the reservation desk

Will I get the room on the photograph, and do the rooms correspond to those in the pictures?

We cannot guarantee that you will get the exact same room, but the room types are identical

Can I request a specific location for my room/apartment (a specific floor, views, etc.)?

Your preferences will be conveyed to the reception desk, who will attempt to satisfy you, but we cannot make any guarantees.

Do you offer handicapped rooms?

No, we have not designed handicapped rooms with appropriate access equipment.

Are extra beds/children’s beds available?

Extra beds are available in rooms which include this in their description. Children’s beds come at an additional charge of €5 per day.

Are pets allowed? Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not allowed

Is there parking in your lot?

Yes, there is. You can see some photos in our portfolio.

Is cooking available in the rooms

No, cooking is not allowed inside the rooms. The rooms are not designed for the guests to cook inside

Check-in Check-out

At what time is check-in?

Generally, all rooms are available from 3 p.m. and family rooms from 4 p.m.

At what time is check-out?

Check-out is generally at 11 a.m. Afterwards, the rooms have to get cleaned for the upcoming arrivals.

Is it possible to enter a room before check-in (3 p.m.)?

If the room is unoccupied, the hotel may approve earlier entrance.

Is it possible to stay in the room longer on the departure date? How much does this cost?

You may extend your stay if there no upcoming reservation on your room. An extended stay is 50% of the room rate.

Rates Questions

Is breakfast included in the room price?

The room price includes only accommodation. There is no available option for meals and breakfast for the time

Are bedsheets included in accommodation and how often are the towels changed?

Yes, your accommodation comes with bedsheets and face towels. And they are changed as needed

Are towels included in the price rooms?

Face towels are included in the price. There is an extra fee only for body towels

Are the rates per person or per room?

All prices, unless stated otherwise, are on a per-room given its basic capacity. (For example Double room- two people total, Triple room – three people total)

Why do the costs vary from day to day?

For one reason they may vary because of fair dates or other high season dates. Other reasons could be that the prices have increased since your last visit on our website or contacted with reservation desk.  Generally, rates will increase, the longer you wait with your booking.

What is the transfer charge/wire transfer?

It is a standard method to pay a legitimate business. To use this method, we will provide you with our bank account details, and you will send the payment via your bank’s online platform. Please note that such transactions may have a delay. For that reason, we use it only for prepayments and advances

Is it possible to pay for accommodation with an ATM card?

Yes, you may pay with an ATM card.

What types of credit cards can be used to pay?

Debit cards with sufficient balance or credit cards.

I received a link to pay with Viva. Should I trust it?

We use this method for payments, but you will only receive such a link from us only after a prior conversation.

It would be best if you were very careful when it comes to online payments.

What is the charge for Wi-Fi internet access?

Wi-Fi is free for all our guests. Be aware that the signal is better in the outside.

Information about the beach

What is the beach like, and do I pay for access to it?

You can find a description of the beach on our web pages in the description of the hotel. Access to beaches is free of charge.

What is the distance from the beach?

The beach is 50 m away from the building. You just cross our yard, pass a road, and you are on the beach. You can check this in contact page where you can see our place on the map

Is there an organized beach with umbrellas and beach chairs?

Yes, a beach bar operates from the beginning of June till 6-7 September.

What is the extra charge for umbrellas and beach chairs?

The beach business is an associated business with Fernandos Rooms to let, but it is not considered one business. Everyone that needs to use the beach business services is obligated to order things from its menu exclusively.

The charge for the beverages runs from   3- 8 €. So the minimum charge would be around 6 €.

Can I consume my products in the Beach Bar?

The policy of the beach bar doesn’t allow the customers to consume their own products

What time of the year is better for swimming?

All the summertime is suitable for swimming. The water temperature though is warmer from the middle of June till the middle of September

Is it obligatory or the only option to be a customer on the Beach Bar?

No, it is not. If you want to, there are a few more organised places around. In case you want to lay on the beach with your own equipment the access is plenty and free 

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