Aristotle’s Park (Stagira)

In the picturesque village of Stagira, on the Northeast of Halkidiki in a part overlooking the gulf of Ierissos, there is Aristotle’s Park.

The Park, where a statue of the great philosopher stands for many decades has recently been equipped with interactive organs.

These are applications of physical phenomena discussed in the work of the great teacher “Physics”.

In its four years in operation, the Park is a very popular destination for individual visitors and schools since it combines recreation with education.

In the park you can found :

  • Solar clock
  • Lens
  • Compass
  • Pentaphone
  • Optical discus
  • Pendulum
  • Water turbine
  • Inertia balls
  • Parabolic mirrors
  • Telescopes


Entrance fee: 2 €


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